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    Always double-check the URL of any site you are using for the first time. Copycat sites will use the same name with a different suffix like changing โ€œpancakeswap.financeโ€ or โ€œpancakeswap.ioโ€
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      A 5-second check will keep you from losing your crypto to scammers
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      This is especially true if you use a search browser to find the site for the first time
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      Never connect your wallet to a random website or follow instructions to verify your holding from anyone you do not know. Scammers will access your funds in this way and drain your wallet.
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      TELEGRAM: EVEN IF you recognize the name of a TeleGram contact, if they ask you to connect to an unknown site assume it's a scam! Always look at people's user names and not their screen names. If anyone, even admins, DM you first and request anything suspicious, ask another admin directly from the WOLFIES Telegram or PREFERABLY the Discord server.
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      If a non-admin asks this of you, take a screenshot and report them immediately to an admin. Do not tell them you are reporting them. And double-check their username, not their display name.
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      Display names and icons can be duplicated but usernames cannot.
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      If you are no longer using a site with your METAMASK it is always recommended to disconnect/unlink your METASK from it. On PC/MAC Open your METAMASK browser extension Click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner Click โ€œConnected Sitesโ€ in the drop down menu Click the trash can symbol next to any sites that you no longer use
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      You can also do this directly from the blockchain via the below links
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      UNREKT Allowance Checker This app will disconnect your wallet from smart contracts to ensure they cannot spend your crypto.
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