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This goes for everyone, even for MAC users. Many believe that Apple products are not vulnerable to viruses but this is simply not true. If you believe this you are the victim of marketing at the cost of your security.
The best consumer-grade software, IMO, is BITDEFENDER Total Security . Click on the products for home, then it is recommended to get the Total Security with VPN if you do not already have VPN.
  • They consistently get high ratings in all tests and their pricing is great. 5 devices for 1 year averages $35-$100.
  • It covers all device types and is easy to install.
  • Barely uses any system resources.
  • They also offer a dedicated piece of hardware called the BITDEFENDER BOX, which protects EVERYTHING connected to your home network, including guests who log in and have infected devices.
  • I recommend staying away from Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, and Symantec.
    • These services hog resources from your computer and always have some major flaws. There have been many people known to the Wolf Den who had these software packages and still had their funds stolen from them.
      • There were also rumors a few years ago that Kaspersky was secretly mining data for either the Russian government or other bad actors


  • For some things in crypto, you need a VPN because your country may be on a blacklist for the service or exchange.
  • Sometimes it's just good to always use a VPN, for instance, if you are connected to public wifi or sending sensitive data.
  • It needs to be noted that VPNs are not security software. Many are under the impression that a VPN is some sort of coverall for digital security. This is another case of people being the victim of marketing.
  • There are many choices for VPNs, Bitdefender comes with it for free with their total security package.

Extra Software to keep Non-Mac computers working in top order:

CC Cleaner This software does a lot of nifty things, including:
  • Clearing browser cookies automatically when you close your browser
  • Updating drivers for you
  • Cleaning up your hard drives and generally keeping your PC working at peak condition

2FA & Authenticator Apps

Some sites and apps offer the option to use 2FA (2 Factor Authenticator). This is always recommended by the Wolf Den.
Authenticator Apps use codes that change every 30 seconds to add an additional layer of security when logging in to websites like Crypto Exchanges and transferring funds. This is always recommended whenever offered.
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Extra Software to keep Non-Mac computers working in top order:
2FA & Authenticator Apps