The Wolf Den
Tech Tree
Inventors NFT (by TechTree) is an educational NFT that delivers live masterclasses and tiered high quality recorded lessons to holders, empowering them to increase their knowledge base in cryptocurrency and DeFi and begin wealth-building. Inventors NFT opens the door to the larger TechTree ecosystem. TechTree is comprised of 20+ content creators with expertise in a multitude of areas ranging from technical analysis, psychology, yield farming and NFTs (to name a few).
The treasury for Inventors NFT and TechTree is being built harnessing the power of the Wolf Den ecosystem, starting with a large portion of all mint proceeds and royalties being moved directly into base case strategies.
All of their holders are also being educated on base case strategies, as they help them to realize their solvable problemโ„ข and collapse time. Many rewards await those that join Inventors NFT through their monthly giveaways that are funded directly through their farming strategies.

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