The Wolf Den
What Problem Are We Solving?
Blockchain - a better future for many. If they learn how to navigate it.
The problem we are solving, is more of a question we are helping to answer:
โ€œWhat is the most efficient path forward given where Iโ€™m at right now and where I want to be?โ€
It is possible that the blockchain could be used as a tool within the toolbox to best answer the question above.
  1. 1.
    For retail investors, it will likely be an investment strategy.
  2. 2.
    For many projects, it may be that the tools/smart contracts allow for better service/delivery.
For both, there is a preponderance of logic, reasoning and evidence that needs to be explored, poked and prodded. The important thing we realize is that the solution for everyone is different, but can be discerned through strong framework, tools, connections and principles.
Note: Inside the Wolf Den team members and community members will be sharing their personal opinions and (hopefully) the logic, reasoning and evidence behind them. This is never to be taken as financial advice. Please understand smart contracts, learn how to navigate them, understand the risks and protect yourselves. You can see the safety and security documents here โ€‹
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