The Wolf Den
Wolf Den
A tiered membership that members can farm their way into.


Our free content will be the basics: how to protect yourself, how to set up wallets, buy crypto, transfer crypto, etc. Token and protocol information is also publicly available on Medium, Twitter, and YouTube.
Note: This content is educational and non-prescriptive. While we will show you examples using our preferences, that does not mean you should follow them blindly. Further, if we use a protocol or asset that describes something that does not meet our criteria, that does not make it bad, malicious or ineffective protocol.

Wolf Den Tiers

You can learn more about how to get into the tiers through this medium articleโ€‹

Note: These are curriculum based tiers designed to educate retail investors on how to navigate defi and how to develop their own strategies that match their personality, disposition and goals. We will share our personal and team strategies in realtime but this is not to be taken as prescriptive or financial advice.

โ€‹TIER 1 - WOLF PUP: Focus: Defining what you are trying to solve for and turning into a โ€œsolvable problemโ€, the north star of the Wolf Den.

โ€‹TIER 2 - WOLFPACK: Focus: Becoming better, more discerning investors, business owners, and leaders.

โ€‹TIER 3 - WOLFPACK LEADER: Focus: Leadership & specifically in navigating the disconnected world.

โ€‹TIER 4 - ALPHA WOLF: Focus: Extract value from networking and connection opportunities provided.


Note: These tiers are premium to protect bandwidth and capacity. They have access to team and partners for more individualized help/strategy and for limited opportunity (like whitelist spots for other projects) they would get the first chance. This is just to manage numbers effectively.

โ€‹TIER 5a - GUARDIANS: Focus: These are the wolf pack members that are dedicated to the sustainability and longevity of the Wolf Den ecosystem.

โ€‹TIER 5b - DIREWOLF: Focus- Supporting other Direwolves as they do extraordinary things.

โ€‹TIER 6 - INFINITY: Infinity is not a cryptocurrency or blockchain program. It it a program run by Certainty U that crafts custom strategies around real estate, tax strategy, business resources allocation, etc. Infinity incorporate crypto currency only if and when it makes sense to do so give the individuals personal needs.

Wolf Den is focused on helping purpose driven individuals.

Climbing the tiers gives more access/proximity to other people doing good in the world as well as our team. The higher the tier the more โ€œnoiseโ€ gets cuts out and the more collaboration.
Note: One would climb the tiers if they value proximity, connections and conversation. Do not rush to climb tiers, make sure they are aligned with your priorities and disposition.

What is the cost of membership?

It depends on the price of $WOLFIES. To get entry into the Wolf Den and to climb the tiers requires a number of $WOLFIES to be paid or farmed over time.
There are thousands of of free video and medium articles to help you navigate your way around.
Itโ€™s possible that the USD cost of entering the wolf den fluctuates quite a bit with the USD value of $WOLFIES. These $WOLFIES collected are either burned or redistributed as reward (see $WOLFIES tokenomics)โ€‹
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Wolf Den Tiers
Wolf Den is focused on helping purpose driven individuals.
What is the cost of membership?