The Wolf Den
Wolf Pup

Focus: Defining what you are trying to solve for and turning into a “solvable problem”, the north star of the Wolf Den.

Wolf Pup tier is all about building a strong foundation or “base knowledge”.
It contains a core curriculum that will help investors and potential builders understand the decentralized world and start developing a strategy unique to them and their situation.
Here, we introduce the solvable problem™, the concept of a base case, expected values and the concept of asymmetry. Wolf Pups should start to think in terms of creating asymmetry to the upside with every move by implementing two types of controls:
  1. 1.
    Preventative controls- To prevent bad things from happening.
  2. 2.
    Corrective controls- Being able to identify when bad things potentially can occur and calmly and safely make corrections when something unexpected happens.
The Wolf Den has a core strategy called the “Base Case” - built from the ground up on the concepts above and the idea of primary, secondary and tertiary asset classes.
Wolf Pups should develop the tools, with the help of other members and live calls, to develop their own base case if they choose.

How to get into the Wolf Pup Tier

We are currently not accepting new members into the Wolf Den. You can read more about why here.

Guardian Tier Led Base Case Workshops

The methodology that the Wolf Den teaches can sometimes be difficult for people to initially grasp, especially if they have been indoctrinated into the "Crypto Shit Coin Mindset." The resources that are provided are generally enough in order for investors to work out their solvable problem, however sometimes it's faster to learn from someone who's more experienced in order for gaps of knowledge to be closed.
More info on these workshops can be found within the Den itself once you're apart of the Wolf Pup tier.

Here are what some investors have said about these workshops.

The next tier up is Wolf Pack.

You’ll know you’re ready for this tier as you have built your foundation and are ready to identify your solvable problem. Base Case and Chill will be thoroughly discussed as you’ll build upon the knowledge you’ve gained thus far.
To ascend to the next tier of the Wolf Den, Wolf Pack, you must:
This is the official contract of NFW Wolf Pup #1 (can no longer be farmed) 0x6DE0198e668eEc5fB9E14376a0A560371BfFc850 This is the official contract of NFW Wolf Pup #2 (farms are currently available) 0x6CAB4C470DB67a5e21a38Ec8675D7237A8AfFF11
Be careful of scammers & always make sure you check that you have the correct contract before purchasing. For more information on this you can visit our discord & open a help desk ticket.
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How to get into the Wolf Pup Tier
Guardian Tier Led Base Case Workshops
The next tier up is Wolf Pack.