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Navigating Through DeFi
Terms & concepts that will benefit you to understand before embarking on this journey
Decentralization in Crypto can bring opportunities with high upside but because of this first mover opportunity there can be a lack of support in documentation or tutorials. One cannot expect the benefits of decentralization while wanting all of the benefits that come with centralization.
Within the Wolf Den we are huge in education and helping investors navigate through the Wild Wild West that is the DeFi landscape.
This article is very important for anyone entering our ecosystem or DeFi in general to have a good understanding of, which to our current knowledge in 2021 not very many people are helping to shed some light on.
So the recommendation is read through this let it sit then read through it 3-5 more times as like with any information dense material many concepts will stick much better after the first run through.
Navigating Through DeFi
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