Wolf Den Crypto
We like to joke that we โ€œdo everything wrong."
Of course, we cannot do what is considered typical or ordinary and expect extraordinary results.
Be warned: our tokens and our ecosystem likely do not behave like the ones you are used to. This is by design. Of course:
โ€œMost prefer the certainty of misery to the misery of uncertaintyโ€ - Virginia Satir
Nobody will try to convince you to invest with us, if you are not comfortable with our ecosystem, our style, or our tokenomics we encourage you to sit on the sidelines, ask thoughtful questions or simply move onto something more aligned with your style as an investor. One of our biggest differentiators is that our team will never try and sell you on something.
You do NOT have to buy, you do NOT have to have diamond hands forever.
Instead, we encourage you to figure out if our assets help you get closer to what you want and behave accordingly.

Some other ways we are different

1. We do not pump token price with marketing, shilling or advertising. Each token has a purpose; and the purpose will drive the price action. By design, $WOLFIES will be more volatile than $GUARD - but the price of both will go up over time if people find them useful in solving their problem. They will also go down if people do not. The solution to a falling price will be to make a better product, not market or shill harder. 2. The contracts are not renounced. This is so that we can make changes based on governance votes and adapt to the reality of each situation accordingly. 3. We will mute our Telegram community when there is not an admin available to focus fully on being helpful. We also push all personal help inquiries to discord to protect our community from scammers in telegram. We get pushback when people want help in telegram, but unlike most communities in the smaller cap space, keeping people safe is FAR more important to us than being accommodating and facilitating behavior that opens investors up to risk.