How Does It Work?
Getting wealthy (making eff-you money) in crypto is much easier than people think, they just don't fully understand how all the moving pieces actually work and how to lock in their wins. It's NEVER about "picking the next coin."
We leave that to amateurs.
We explore how the infrastructure of a decentralized world is built so that we can stay ten steps ahead to acquire the assets (our tokens) that unlock the biggest opportunities while mitigating as much risk as possible.
You can get filthy rich, on our base case strategy, without checking charts every day.

The Wolf Den Wealth Journey focuses on 3 concepts. Clarity, Certainty, & Collapsing Time


OBJECTIVE: Figuring out where we're at and where we want to be so that we can effectively define the gap between the two and the most efficient way to close the gap.
Without defining these variables, we're left with an unsolvable problem which, again, we leave to amateurs.
If we're going to solve our own personal wealth equation, we must define the variables that are the most important to us.
You can find the tools you need to find/develop your own clarity in our Medium articles, YouTube Channel, & the "Clarity Section"
Investment: Your own time. If you are not willing to define what you're trying to accomplish, you're in trouble, anyway. If you feel that you need support during this process, this is the main focus within the Wolf Pup Tier


OBJECTIVE: Once we have defined the most efficient path forward, we need to "lock in" a worst-case scenario that still gets you what you want. Crypto offers us a few tools that are not available anywhere else and the Wolf Den is one of the few communities that understand how to use them:
  • Accumulate assets that have buying power for free by understanding how and why yields are offered on chains like Binance Smart Chain
  • Compounding of compounding opportunities (yes, the power of compounding can compound even greater) for exponential growth, allowing wealth to be built, even with small starting amounts.
Here we must learn to slow down and make better decisions. The reason most people lose in crypto is that they hurry and they chase. This is what we help our Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack Leaders, & Alpha Wolf Tiers understand & instead help them engineer the outcomes they desire methodically & systematically.

Collapsing Time

OBJECTIVE: Once we've locked in our "eff you money" system and are on track to reach our goals in an appropriate timeline, we can collapse time by taking on more risk, if we choose. Because we have built a system to generate passive income and we have defined our "Wealth system", we know exactly how much risk we can or cannot take and are playing with free money (yield from our system). Now we have a system that will get us where we want to be, so we can use free time and capital to swing big to get there faster. Or just go outside and have fun. That's also a thing.
Guardian: Guardians get advanced tips, tricks, strategies and inside information for making a commitment to take additional actions that protect the project and other members.
Direwolf: Direwolf tier is direct access to the team - which means every high risk play, every presale, and every opportunity is put in front of them because they have proven to have the ability and capital to risk on unproven, high upside plays. Strategies of true legacy wealth will only be found within this tier.
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