Wolf Den Crypto

The Cornerman, Dr Jeff Spencer

An olympic medalist himself, Dr Jeff Spencer has been a world renowned glass artist, with his glass displayed in the most prominent galleries in the world. He has also been in the corner of over 40 olympic medalists and world champions. Dr. Spencer was in the corner of Tiger Woods prime, all 7 of Lance Armstrong's Tour De France victories, FBI Negotiator Chris Voss, Dave Asprey as he built the Bulletproof brand and, when Bono (U2) wasnโ€™t sure they would be able to finish a tour successfully, he would call Jeff to fly out to make sure they finished strong.
Dr. Jeff is, perhaps, the greatest mindset and performance coach on the planet. Nic and Jeff spend many hours a week together sifting through the evidence to discern the most efficient path forward for the Wolf Den and the members/holders involved.
Also, here is a photo of the Great Dr. Jeff Spencer rocking a Wolf Den Hockey Jersey and Wolfies hat:

Watch: The Human Versus Champion Mind from Dr. Jeff Spencer:

Randy Massengale

Randy Massengale is the founder and CEO of Spinoza Technology, Inc,. His career encompasses experience in organizations that have been at the forefront of technology for the past three decades.
A senior advisor to Bill Gates at Microsoft through the 90โ€™s, he has an extensive background in marketing, human resources and operations management with Tektronix Inc., Intel, Fluke, and Microsoft. Randy is extremely discerning and now working exclusively with the top 1% of the top 1% of individuals.
Randy is also the Founder of The Cherubs - a venture capital group dedicated to funding early stage companies involved with disruptive technologies. He is the author of many articles related to career advancement, industry/academic relations and organizational development.

Watch: Randy Massengale and the two tyrants of leadership: