What Problem Are We Solving?
Crypto is appealing because of its massive upside potential and decentralized nature. However, the upside comes with risk and the decentralized nature comes with confusion, there is no single governing entity that benefits from investors understanding the infrastructure or how to best utilize its system based on their personal priorities. This leaves newcomers, and even many who have been in DeFi for a long time, only scratching the surface. Stumbling around in the dark, so to speak. Most investors are "trying to pick the next moonshot coin" and losing a lot of their hard-earned capital in doing so.

Chasing moonshots is not a strategy that can be repeated or sustained.

Fortunately, there are numerous opportunities across the Binance Smart Chain (as well as the Ethereum, Polygon, & Fantom Opera chains) that are much safer, more reliable, and yield enormous returns without watching charts, losing sleep, or losing your life savings.

So to answer the question...

The problem is that most crypto investors are unaware of over 99% of the opportunities in front of them, how to hedge their bets, how to lock in upside and fund their priorities reliably.
That is why we created the Wolf Den; to help people slow down and strategically close the gap between where they are now and where they want to be - without losing sleep over it. We have built our eco system and our "base case" strategies to help serious investors lock in their wins and outperform any other investment vehicle they would otherwise allocate their resources to.
Last modified 14d ago