Wolf Den Crypto
What Problem Are We Solving?
DeFi- The Wild Wild West
The decentralized world is appealing because of the upside potential and the potential benefits of being decentralized. This mass appeal combined with the upside and innovation (newness) makes it high risk for new investors rushing to get exposure. Without any insights into the infrastructure of DeFi or properties of the difference assets, most investors are left trying to โ€œpick the next coinโ€ or โ€œhoping and prayingโ€ they make the right choice.
Fortunately, DeFi has come a long way and offers numerous opportunities across multiple chains to generate enormous yields reliably while domesticating the risk, keeping the asymmetry to the upside.

So to answer your question...

The problem the Wolf Den is solving, or rather the question we are answering is:
โ€œWhat is the most reliable way for me to fund my priorities using decentralized finance as one of the tools to do so?โ€
Realizing there was not a sufficient answer to this question, we launched the Wolf Den, to help people slow down, get clarity on what they are trying to accomplish, discern whether they should even be exposed to crypto or not and, if so, help them figure out the most efficient path forward for themselves. Each of our tokens, non funigble wolves (NFWs) or partner project/assets solves a problem within this problem, which you can learn more about in the individual token sections. Our ecosystem is built on the โ€œbase caseโ€ which in our opinion is the most efficient path to lock in wins. While we share our base case and publish the data publicly, investors are encouraged to develop their own โ€œbase caseโ€ from which to reason from.
Inside the Wolf Den we share the logic, reasoning and evidence behind ours, but this is NOT financial advice. It is up to every participant in DeFi to know the risks, know how to interact with smart contracts and protect themselves. (See our safety and security section)โ€‹
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