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Learn More About The $WOLFIES Token

$WOLFIES can be seen as the "access pass" to the Wolf Den ecosystem.

$WOLFIES is necessary in order to stake to earn a Wolf Pup NFW (non-fungible wolf) which will grant an investor access to the first tier of the ecosystem (Wolf Pup). Having $WOLFIES will be a must if you wish to dive deeper & unlock everything that can be done within the Wolf Den Ecosystem.
Ticker: $WOLFIES
Chain: Binance Smart Chain
Supply: 900,000,000,000,000
Current Amount Burned- As of 12/23/2021 899,637,976,039,727 of the supply has been burned

Why Are We Burning The Supply?

Burning token supply is a gimmick in the Crypto Space. A decrease in overall supply does not automatically mean an increase in price. It can, if certain conditions are met.
The burns out weigh the amount produced through a mint function (meaning new tokens can be created). With $WOLFIES no new supply can ever be minted. So burning the supply will truly result in a deflationary action.
There should be demand for the token such that the price of the token becomes irrelevant. The way this is done is if the benefits outweigh the costs.
$WOLFIES can be seen as the barometer as to how the Wolf Den is doing. If the service and products we are providing suck, the cheaper the price of $WOLFIES will be regardless of burning. Conversely if the service and products we provide are good and the token price becomes irrelevant... Well you can see for yourself


4% Tax to the Wolf Den Treasury- This can be used for a variety of different situations depending on what will benefit the ecosystem the most at that current time. Some options include being sent to the burn, utilized for LP, or given as rewards/prizes.


The Wolf Den Starter Pack

How To Farm $WOLFIES On KnightSwap


What Else Can I Do With $WOLFIES?

Here is everything that you can do with your $WOLFIES token
What Can I Do With My WOLFIES?

Contract Renounce

This used to be a common saying in the BSC space for tokens.
Equating this to a real life scenario would like telling a CEO that they are unable to make anymore decisions regarding the fate of their company. Sounds silly doesn't it?
There may be a time however where the contract tokenomics will no longer be necessary and control can be given up to make changes to the initial contract.
This is because what is being built within the Wolf Den is more than just an individual "token."
As of this writing the contract is not renounced
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