$GUARD is our "Base Case" Token

When we (or our partners) look for a strong store of value or “base” asset we are looking for a few things:

1. Limited supply that is fixed or deflationary.

Having 900 trillion tokens in circulation is a risk for investors looking for stable assets. A large number of tokens or tokens that can be minted into circulation are a risk for long term holders as they are more volatile and there is no “supply shock” psychologically.
Guard has a total supply of 50 million with no mint function to put more into circulation. As of 4/1/22 over 89% of that supply is locked into farms, raids, or lockers showing a large number of holders have no intent of selling on a short time frame.
Top 4 wallets are farms, raids, and lockers. Denoted by the contract symbol versus #5 would be a holder's wallet

2. Risk domestication mechanism.

Guard’s primary pair in the base case is BUSD, which decouples it from the macro market. Half of the principle is kept in the stable pair, which domesticates a significant amount of downside.
You can see as BTC (the biggest marketcap token in crypto) was trending down. GUARD continued to trend up from December 2021 and on.

3. Yield producing opportunity

A strong store of value should be able to produce small amount of yield, at minimum. $GUARD offers this through the citadels (singles stake your $GUARD for BUSD or more $GUARD) or higher yield through the GUARD/BUSD base case farm on knightswap.
Farming provides both yield AND the downside hedge.

4. An eco system that absorbs volatility to provide stability to the “Treasury Asset”.

$GUARD is unique in this property. The taxes and profits from across the entire wolf den eco system are dedicated to supporting the stability of $GUARD as a treasury asset. This means that volatility across the wolf den (due to trading fees, taxes, etc) are all directly BENEFITING $GUARD. For example:
  1. 1.
    Taxes on all $WOLFIES trades are directed toward $GUARD citadels and buy beck reserves.
  2. 2.
    $FORGE token has a 6% tax, 3% of which directly buys back $GUARD
  3. 3.
    Within the KNIGHT ecosystem $GUARD farm has a 10x multiplier the highest of any ecosystem token. In stable times, $GUARD is less volatile because the macro market is less volatile. In volatile times, $GUARD is even MORE stable due to the volatility of the macro market.

5. Education

Many $GUARD holders have been taught and are learning how to invest more like larger companies and becoming their own banks, due to the properties described above, it makes more sense for these larger holders to hold $GUARD as a treasury & interest bearing asset than it does to sell it for short term gains.
  1. 1.
    Liquidity to market cap ratio. $GUARD has one of, if not the highest, liquidity to marketcap ratio in the space. This makes it much harder to move the price, especially on sells. Another mechanism/property that limits the volatility of $GUARD
  2. 2.
    Leverage. The ability to borrow against your own assets is a HUGE benefit of true macro belief or treasury assets. We are working on making sure the security is dialed in, borrowing against $GUARD will be available soon.
As of 3/31/2022 $GUARD has a marketcap of $215,952,028 with Liquidity provided by holders of $39,897,965
Let's compare with a popular token most people have probably heard of Safemoon ($SFM)
Marketcap of $726,402,375 with biggest liquidity of $23,187,392 on their own V2 DEX
$GUARD having 5.4x more MC than liquidity $SFM having 31.32x more MC than liquidity.