Wolf Den Crypto
Tokenomics & Contract Info

Tokenomics & Contract Info

Supply: low supply, 50,000,000 $GUARD, the total supply is in circulation, no tokens have been burnt at this time. There is no ability to mint additional tokens, $GUARD is fixed at 50 million and was designed to be deflationary at scale.
Taxes: 1% tax which is taken out of circulation
Deflationary Mechanism: Guard has a 1% tax on DEX. Above 1 billion dollar market cap this supply is burned/taken out of circulation.
Additionally, profits from the Wolf Den and partners are used to buy back $GUARD which is also burned over 1 billion market cap.
KnightSwap our partner DEX also returns trading fees that are earned (.03% of each transaction of $GUARD) which are also taken out of circulation.
Ticker: $GUARD
Chain: BNB Chain
Presale: hosted on Astronaut on July 15, 2021 Raise: $60,000 raise at .0066 per token Total tokens sold on presale: 9,090,909 There were no team tokens given on or before launch Starting Price from Presale- $0.0066

Guardian Time Lock

Investor safety is a huge priority within the Wolf Den and our partners. In order to improve this from the contract level we have created a time lock contract to own $GUARD
The time lock is set for 259200 seconds or 72 hours
You can see that the owner of the $GUARD contract is
0x2f2a2EB8A467792cFAe5C2048c74274Ac145c178 which is the time lock contract
What this means is that any changes done to the contract will require 3 days before it can take into effect. This is to protect our holders, ourselves, our partners and the holders/clients of our partners.

Whitelisted Wallets

These are some of the wallets that have been whitelisted since the time lock contract.
Forge Finance for distribution of $GUARD rewards from Berserker NFT https://bscscan.com/tx/0xc7c2bfb37d210619629556ae9f54c47150228c0946e4b98768a9bd301b17961cโ€‹